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Do Animals Wear Glasses? Yup!

April 13, 2012

Since it’s Friday, we thought we’d give you some very lighthearted content! Who doesn’t like cute animals?

Apparently dogs don’t actually see very well and their normal vision would would look to us like, “viewing the world through a fine mesh gauze or a piece of cellophane that has been smeared with a light coat of petroleum jelly” according to an ABC News Article.  To address this need, a new company called Doggles is now making eyewear specifically for dogs! You can take a look at their site here.

None of the images below show frames from the company Doggles, they are simply some cute animals wearing human glasses to lighten your Friday and keep you nice and relaxed through the weekend (or on any day of the week should you be reading this later!).

Working hard or hardly working?

I'm really ready to retire.

Yes, Albert, I also feel it is about time for us to retire.

What you've never seen a guinea pig read? Stop staring.

I thought we owls were the wise ones?

If I close my eyes & I can't see him then he can't see me..

You're right in front of me...

I love you hunny bunny!

I love you too!

HAHA! Two Eyes! Your glasses are fake!

Alas, I know! Ah the shame!

I think I know you!

I think those glasses on the last two might be Clariti frame style KA5701! Who knows, I could be wrong but they look darn similar! If there is someone out there posting pictures of their pets wearing Clariti frames, we’d love to see more!

Check out our website and you can see all of our frames that will look great on you (and cute on your pets too!)

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