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Look Spectacular in Spectacles

April 27, 2012

Want to look your best in your eyewear? Well here are some tips on how to pick the best frames for you!

It can be really simple with a little bit of examination.

First, what shape is your face? There are six face shapes, if you don’t already know the shape of your face, here’s how you figure it out:


Types of Face Shapes: Which Do You Most Resemble?

We’ll start at the top left:

The Oval Face Shape:


Heidi Klum has an oval face

If you have an oval face then you should have a relatively easy time picking frames – although you may have the problem of looking good in too many frames! Oval faces are generally very balanced and frames tend to flatter them well.

Go wild, pick any frame shape you like.


M8777 from the Monalisa collection is ideal for the oval face

These frames from Clariti’s Monalisa collection would be sophisticated and feminine on Heidi.

TIP: Full rimmed frames emphasizes your eyes, so if your eyes are one of your favorite features make sure to try on some full rimmed frames.

The Rectangle Face Shape:


Jessica Simson, musician and entrepreneur, has a classic rectangular face.

Rectangular face shapes are longer than they are wide. 

The best bet with a rectangular face is an aviator shape or deep rectangular frames.

Try a frame that is deeper than it is wide. Decoration at the temples will also make your face appear wider.


The Clariti KA5730 would be a nice frame for Jessica’s rectangular face. They are longer than they are wide and have Swarovski roping crystal accent on the temples.

The Inverted Triangle Face Shape:


Victoria Beckham has a triangle / inverted triangle face shape

Victoria Beckham has a classic inverted triangle (same thing as a triangle) face shape. Triangular faces have wide foreheads with narrow chins.

For this face type, try a geometric or circular frame.

TIP: If you don’t like your forehead, try a frame without rims. It de-emphasizes the forehead. 




We would recommend these Clariti KF8631 frames for Victoria. They’re rimless compression mount frames (compression mount referring to how the temples and nose bridge are attached to the glass) with slightly rounded lenses. The temples are made of the new “it” material- TR90 – which is flexible and extremely lightweight making them seriously comfortable. And of course they’re here favorite color – black!

The Heart Face Shape:


Reese Witherspoon has a classic heart shaped face

Heart shaped faces have similar characteristics to triangular faces. They have wide foreheads with narrow chins. The descent to the chin is not as linear as it is in the triangle, and the heart shape is more like a cross between the triangle and a rectangle.

As with the base up triangle shaped face, rimless or light color is the way to go in order to de-emphasize the forehead.


Monalisa M8807


We would recommend this M8807 for Reese from Clariti’s Monalisa collection because it is a light frame that is somewhat rounded. The full rims are thin so that they will emphasize her eyes without being unflattering to her forehead.

The Pear Shaped Face


Kelly Osbourne has a pear shaped face

Kelly Osbourne, who has been looking absolutely AMAZING these days, has a pear shaped face.

Pear shaped faces are wider at the bottom than they are at the top.

For a pear shaped face, try a frame that emphasized the top half of your face to bring balance. Try a circular, cat eye, or geometric. Go top heavy.

TIP: Frames that are semi-rimless (only have rims on the top & not on the bottom) will draw emphasis to your forehead.

For Kelly we recommend the KF2366 because they are semi-rimless and top heavy, bringing the eye upwards. The temples also extend outwards drawing more attention to the top of the frame. They also match her rock n’ roll personality! A perfect fit!


Clariti Konishi Flex KF2366

The Square Shaped Face


Ashley Olsen has a square face (and so does her identical twin, Mary Kate)

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen both have square shaped faces.

Square faces are about as long as they are wide.

For square face shapes, try circular or curved frames. Choose a frame that is wider than it is deep to lengthen your face.




We would recommend the Clariti KS1260 from the Konishi line. They feature dual tone real wood temples and antiqued metal rims. The frame is wide and rounded to flatter her square face and the full rim would draw attention to her beautiful eyes. The extremely unique intertwined navy and light wood temples would be a perfect fit with her very up to the moment, cutting edge style.

The Round Face Shape:


Ginnifer Goodwin has a round face shape

Ginnifer Goodwin is a great example of a round face. She has done a great job of flattering her face shape with great hair styles although her short pixie cut has received mixed reviews.

Round faces are about as long as they are wide, like the square shape, but they don’t have angular lines and instead have soft curves.

For round faces avoid round frames! Those are usually quite unflattering. Try square angular frames.

We like the AirMag A6207 for Ginnifer. They have lots of straight lines to them (although there is a slight rounding to the rectangular lenses but not too much) and the color would be extremely flattering on her coloring. The full rims would accentuate her gorgeous eyes. And these are from the AirMag collection which means they have a clip on sunglass option that attaches to this frame with one magnet! Amazing!


Clariti Airmag A6207

The Diamond Shaped Face:


Elizabeth Hurley has a diamond shaped face

Diamond shaped faces are narrow at the chin and forehead and wider in the center around the cheeks.

Elizabeth Hurley is a good example of this face type. A balanced diamond shaped face can wear almost any hairstyle.

As for frames, they’re pretty lucky with those too and have a pretty wide range to choose from. The most flattering are circular or cat eye frames that are top heavy or semi-rimless.

We think that the KL3612 from Clariti’s Konishi Lite collection would be a perfect fit for Elizabeth. They are glamorous and feminine but still sophisticated and understated so they won’t take away from her shine. They have rounded frames and crystal accents at the temples. The semi-rimless frame would draw attention upwards, highlighting her already amazing cheekbones and eyes.


Konishi Lite KL3612

I hope this has been helpful or at least amusing! Let us know if this is helpful to you.

Good luck and happy frame hunting! Let us know how it goes!

We’d love to hear feedback and see pictures.

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