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Less than 5 steps to Fashion a Brand New You

December 19, 2012

Happy New YearAnother year is coming to an end and a brand new year is upon us. We know, it’s hectic trying to get all your holiday shopping in order, so how about we take a breather and instead begin thinking of re-inventing your New Year look.  After all, 2013 is a new year to make fresh choices, so let’s start it off with a banging new look!

Let’s talk eye wear, a pair of glasses can go a long way, why spend so much for a an entire new wardrobe  when you can re-invent yourself by selecting a great pair of glasses to help create the look you want. With several designer choices it can be quite overwhelming, so to brighten up your season we’ve created a guide to help in selecting the right choices for your new appearance.

Step 1: So, lots of things to consider when selecting new frames, first it’s important to make sure you are up to date with a fresh prescription that way you can see your best while looking your best.

Step 2: Alright let’s begin with face shape; it’s always important to consider face shape because the right frame can give you the best look depending on how your face is shaped. Break out the mirror and examine what shape best suits your face.

Still not quite sure, let us help you out, find out your face shape here.

Step 3: Next, let’s get to thinking of what style you want, are you feeling wild and bold, trendy and funky, or perhaps you prefer a more sophisticated “studious” look. Luckily, eye wear trends are here to help, if you are completely stuck and can’t think of what style you’d like to try why not take a shot at the current eye wear “craze”. Seeking new ideas? Check out Eyecessorize for what’s trending in eye wear.

Bold & Proud

Funky & Hip

Studious & Sophisticated

Step 4: Functionality is important; you want your new frames to be as functional for your lifestyle as they are stylish. Certain frames can give you what you want simply based on the materials they are made of, for instance, if you are looking for high durability and flexibility you might want to try a frame made of pure titanium. To learn more about frames, function, materials and what may work for you, click here.

Bonus Step: Also, other things to keep in mind are the extras; accessories can definitely put a stamp on accomplishing your look of choice. Glasses go great with accessories, have fun with your look and try on different kinds of jewelry, scarves, hats etc. to go along with your new frames.

Find a new you through a new pair of effortlessly chic and affordable frames at Clariti Eyewear, visit us at We promise you won’t regret it!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Clariti Eyewear!

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