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Eye Candy! Use glasses to flatter your features with this Face Shape Guide.

January 17, 2013

We all know eyewear is stylish way to accessorize, play with trends and express your personal style, but they can also be used to flatter and enhance your favorite features. We have compiled tips and recommendations for each face shape to help you find the best pair of glasses for that beautiful mug.

Square shape


If you have a square face shape, your face is defined by a strong jaw line, broad forehead and square chin. Your jaw, cheekbones and forehead are of equal width. Soften your strong features by wearing round or cat-eye frames like this gorgeous pair from our Monalisa Collection.


Round shape

A round shaped face is defined by full cheeks, a rounded chin and few angles. Your cheekbones are the widest point on your face. To flatter a round face, try wearing angular and geometry frames to sharpen your features. Rectangular and horizontal styles like these fun frames from our Konishi Collection will make your face appear longer and thinner.

Heart Shape


If your face falls under the “Heart” category, you have a broad forehead with a narrower jawline and chin.  Try glasses that are bottom heavy to add width to the lower part of your face and narrow, rounded frames to soften the forehead. Flatter your features with this elegant pair from our Konishi Collection.



Oval Shape

An Oval face has well-balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead. If this is your face, lucky you! Most frame shapes will work well with your face shape, but wearing geometric shaped frames, like this stylish pair from our Star Collection, will add angles to your soft features.

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