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Spec-tacular Celebrities

February 2, 2013

Wearing glasses is pretty cool. If you’re reading this blog you are already aware of that fact. However, if you are in need of some extra convincing just look to the plethora of celebrities who choose (yes choose!) to adorn their beautiful faces with the classiest form of accessory available to man. We’ve scoured the celebrity eyewear scene for our favorite celebri-specs.

Tina Fey

tina-fey-30-rock-1 (1)

Who would Tina Fey be without those iconic specs? Writer, actress, Sarah Palin-impersonator?… well, yes. But she wouldn’t have that sexy librarian thing going for her.

Elton John


Sir Elton’s glasses have always functioned as an extension of his larger than life persona. Over the years we’ve seen them evolve with him; from those white mod frames in the 60s to flamboyant and rhinestone studded in the 70s to the relatively conservative pair we’ve seen him with lately, which are, of course, pink.

Kanye West


Although here at Clariti we like to improve vision rather than impede it, we give Kanye two thumbs up for style.

Johnny Depp450_depp-glasses-886677208

Mr. Sexiest Man Alive hasn’t been seen anywhere lately without his roundish turtle shell glasses. Bravo, sir.

Zooey Deschenel


Oh Zooey, queen of geek-chic. Her adorkable vintage glasses were made famous by Deschenel’s character Jess on the New Girl, but she clearly loves to wear the classic black frames even off set.

Feeling a little inspired? You can channel Zooey’s charming look with this beautiful new pair from our Mademoiselle Collection, complete with chic rhinestone detailing on the temples that Jess would definitely approve of.


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